Hello and thank you for visiting my website. Inside are examples of my work, some inspirational notes and a few scattered pictures. Please roam about the site and enjoy yourself.

By the way, I used to have a small production company named Who Made Who Productions. You'll see the logo above and on many of the videos.


Father, Veteran, Screenwriter

Way back in grade eight, I wrote my first story. Consisting of an old man flipping through an animated photo album, I recall being fairly fond of it, while at the same time, not recalling what grade I received on it.
Fast forward to university and amongst my beginnings in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve, my son's emergence into the world and not having two nickels to rub together, I wrote for the university paper. Barely passable but there they were, my first scribbles.
Only after watching the movie "High Fidelity" and learning of Kevin Smith's View Askewniverse did those writing impulses fire up. My first short film and feature script were written in a barely heated office during a winter tour as a peacekeeper in Bosnia in 2003.
So sure of my potential talent and education acquired from my time at Monday Night Club (a program bringing actors, writers and directors together to create magic), I chose to leave the army to write/produce/direct my first feature film "Fitz". I broke even financially and mentally but I wanted more.
Since then, I've been writing, producing and directing several short films, numerous feature length scripts and achieved some personal goals along the way.
But I have more goals and achievements I want to attain. So here we are...


Edmonton, AB, Canada

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